Our list of references includes:

  • air quality measurements,
  • thermographic analyses,
  • energy audits (with review of systems and devices & examination of documentation) of various public buildings in Slovenia:
    • Terme Lendava (Hotel Lipa & Apartment Village Lipov gaj),
    • Terme Ptuj (Grand Hotel Primus, Apartments Ptuj, Thermal Water Park),
    • Terme Banovci (Hotel Zeleni gaj & Hotel Village Zeleni gaj with thermal water park),
    • Zdravilišče Radenci (Hotels: Radin Standard, Radin Superior, Izvir, Izvir Terapija and thermal water park),
    • Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled,
    • Hotel Jadran Bled,
    • Sports Hall Bled,
  • arranging and examining various documents:
    • Investment Programmes for energy sanitations,
    • Dcuments regarding identifying investment projects,
  • collaboration on developing Solinterra software and later performing studies using the software,
  • performing various studies for sanitations of buildings regarding rules of architectural conservation,
  • collaborating on research and developmental studies focused on using alternative energy sources.


Our CEO, Prof. Simon Muhič Ph.D., is the energy manager for the municipality of Ivančna Gorica. He has been performing this duty since 2011. Since then we have collaborated on various projects: 

  • establishing energy management for all the public buildings in the municipality,
  • performing thermographic analyses and energy audits on almost all of public buildings in the municipality,
  • initiating, planning and collaborating on realization of building two solar power plants on public buildings (one with 460kW of power and a smaller one with 25kW of power),
  • planning and collaborating of energy sanitations of public buildings, including acquiring EU funds,
  • establishing public-private partnership between municipality of Ivančna Gorica and Petrol Group that resulted in later collaboration on district heting plant that runs on biomass,
  • providing counsulting on efficient use of energy and use of alternative energy sources in the municipality.



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Institute for Renewable Energy and Efficient Exergy Use, INOVEKS, d.o.o. was established in early 2010 to provide consulting on developmental projects, focusing on efficient use of energy & implementation of renewable sources of energy into existent system.

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If you need any advice concerning lowering costs of energy or counseling on efficient energy use and renewable energy sources, please don't hesistate to contact us.

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