Our services are:

  • Research and development on renewable energy sources (“RES”) & efficient energy use (“EEU”).
  • Measuring “RES” & “EEU” values (solar radiation, pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity, heat transfer coefficient etc.).
  • Numerical simulations with various software packages: TRNSYS, ESP-r and other packages.
  • Building engineering physics calculations.
  • PHPP calculations.
  • Energy management:
    • we acquire, organize and record all bills for power supply of a building
    • we analyse the acquired information
    • we establish a system that enables us to review monthly use of energy (every month)
    • on the basis of the information acquired we prepare:
      • course on efficient energy use
      • index of energy gear and systems
      • steps that need to be taken to reach energy efficiency
      • needed sanitation.
  • Energy counsulting:
    • basic counsulting available for citizens of municipalities,
    • independent and expert counsulting free of charge for citizens of municipalities (and other interested subjects) in the field of efficient use of energy.
  • Energy audits (including including reviewing systems and devices and examining documentation) with thermographic analysis.
  • Arranging and examining various documentation (including documentation for acquiring EU funds) and managing sanitations of buildings and systems (including buildings that are protected by rules regarding architectural conservation).
  • Other services that include working on renewable energy sources (“RES”) & efficient energy use (“EEU”).



About company

Institute for Renewable Energy and Efficient Exergy Use, INOVEKS, d.o.o. was established in early 2010 to provide consulting on developmental projects, focusing on efficient use of energy & implementation of renewable sources of energy into existent system.

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If you need any advice concerning lowering costs of energy or counseling on efficient energy use and renewable energy sources, please don't hesistate to contact us.

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